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We are pleased to welcome you at International Human Rights Access website.
Change your thoughts and you change your world as well as other people's life because your life is what your thoughts make of it.

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Without police verification, a candidate is not nominated as a member of IHR Access.

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List of Cell

• Police Grievance Cell
• Chief Medical Cell
• Medical Superintendent Cell
• Food Investigation Cell
• Medical Investigation Cell
• Anti-Corruption Cell
• Education Investigation Cell
• Chief Medical Cell
• National Security of Telecommunication Cell
• International Security of Telecommunication Cell
• Women Cell
• Social Justice Cell
• Vigilance Cell
• Drug/Crime Prevention Cell
• Crime Investigate Cell
• Medical Cell
• Helpless People Cell
• Family Dispute Cell
• Land Dispute Cell
• Education Cell
• SC Cell
• ST Cell
• OBC Cell
• Agriculture Cell
• Consumer Right Prevention Cell
• Custodial Prevention Cell
• Police Atrocities Prevention Cell
• Torture & Cruelty Prevention
• Inhuman treatment Prevention
• Labors Dispute Prevention Cell
• Child labors Prevention Cell
• Taxation (escaping/saving) Cell
• Judiciary/Administrative
  Corruption Prevention Cell
• Law enforcing Cell
• Environment Protection Cell
• Police Public Peace Committee
• Pornography/Prostitution
   Prevention Cell
• Sexual exploitation/Sale
  Prevention Cell
• Minority Cell
• Public Interest Litigation Cell
• Information Cell
• Public Grievance Cell
• Welfare Cell
• Road Accident / Safety
  Prevention Cell
• Child Rights Prevention Cell
• Gay and Lesbian Cell